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P4RTY is an entertainment network that provides skill based games and various infotainment products powered by community participation and the Ethereum blockchain.

Market Opportunity

For many ventures, the Ethereum public blockchain is a solution in many ways looking for a problem. Smart Contracts and Dapp’s pop up daily offering a unique take on gaming with guaranteed returns and rewards but often only rewarding the games creators and developers. The opportunity exists for a gaming and entertainment company to come into this space offering transparency and a reputable team to stand behind the products and positively engage the community.

Business Model

P4RTY has a pipeline of Dapps in the form of virtual deposit contracts, idle games as well as other next generation games that will revolutionize the space. We will steadily grow through proving ourselves in the community by launching successful applications. The core of our games will be the ERC20 P4RTY token, which will be mined in the background everytime a game is played and will be used to drive network value both on the ethereum blockchain and offline in the real world:

  • All P4RTY games are designed to be economically sustainable and profitable for players
  • All P4RTY games are designed for the individual player to play in any way that works for them; ZERO PEER PRESSURE
  • Active participation yields the greatest results. In the individual game and meta game
  • Every game/service in the P4RTY Entertainment Network mines ERC20 P4RTY tokens in the background; driven by ETH and participation
  • P4RTY token rewards are transferable and in the future will be redeemable for additional P4RTY games, merchandise, and events

Meet the Team

P4RTY is powered by a passionate community of contributors from around the world. A diverse team has come together to the change the face of the gaming and entertainment industry, leveraging the power of the Ethereum blockchain. Meet our core contributors and community on Discord

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