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Snowfall: 0000 ETH

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Play for 0.1 ETH can win 10% of Snowfall.
Play Big for 1 ETH can win 40%.

  • Welcome to Platypus

Round: 0000 Plays: 0000/0000

Token Dividends Amount Edge
P4 Boost
P5 Boost
P4RTY NA Trade | Rewards
Replay Stash

Replaying your stash is an easy way to get a block of 3 plays with over 0.3 ETH in dividends

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  • Welcome to Platypus
  • Welcome to Platypus
Stats Value
Welcome to Platypus

Platypus is a series of never ending rounds, rounds last somewhere between 25 and 75 plays. Race to profitability by winning buying into P4RTY early. You can boost your position by depositing into P4 for passive dividends. You can also buy P4RTY tokens on exchange to boost your position in the P4RTY DAO, potentially at less than mint price (0.001 ETH)! Finally, you can sacrifice for long term massive gains by buying into P5, the Giving Token!


Playing Platypus is easy. Mastering Platypus is hard. Set your nickname and slogan and make a name for yourself by dominating rounds. The coolest thing about Platy is that how you win is up to you whether you are fighting for the Snowfall pot and making small bets. Or laying low, staking positions in the DAO, P4, and P5.


Platypus is a complex/real-world, meta game. Everyone leaves the table with value and can maximize that value long after the round is over. Rounds are payed out with ETH and the P4RTY earned through participation. When you play a round of Platy you have a choice of simply playing with .1 ETH or going heavy with 1 ETH. Playing a round of Platy distributes your money across the P4RTY ecosystem. The table below describes how ETH is split when you play Platypus:

Game Description Recipient Percentage
Snowfall Snowfall is the airdrop system in Platypus: EVERYONE WINS!!! Rounds last 25 to 75 Plays. 40% of the pot is paid to the winner and 60% is carried over to the next round. The community is airdropped 30% of the winner's pot via P5!!! P4RTY 10
The P4RTY DAO Players stake their P4RTY for ownership in P4RTY. Funds from various on and offline games are distributed to the DAO P4RTY 10
P4 P4 is an Ethereum bonded dividend bearing stable coin and the primary asset for store of value in P4RTY Player 60
P5 P5 is an Ethereum annuity that pays the purchaser or recipient ETH based on participation in the P4RTY network. It can only be held or transfered. Player 15
Maintenance P4RTY is a partnership between the P4RTY DAO and P4RTY HQ. Maintenance fees keep the lights on and help P4RTY grow in capabilities P4RTY HQ 5

Events help you stay updated on the state of rounds. The latest relevant event is always displayed directly on the Play tab. You can track the progress of rounds, chat, and winners in the Chat tab. The Log tab posts all events happening in contract.

Events listed in order of execution:

  • Play: round, player, nickname, note, position, airdropBalance
  • Round Finish: round, participants, airdropBalance
  • Airdrop: round, player, nickname, ethAward
  • Payout: player, ethAward
  • New Round: round, totalPlays, throughput, airdropBalance
Retiring Contracts

Platypus is upgradeable; it does not hold funds. We will release bug fixes, expansion packs, and other network integrations as time goes on. When these upgrades happen you will be notified on social media and also by the contract and game itself. When a contract is retired players are notified in game and can complete the current round.

This application has been made for entertainment purposes and should be considered as such. No guarantees are given. P4RTY is an entertainment platform, not an investment platform.

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