The DAO: One Share == One Vote

The P4RTY DAO, short for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" is your opportunity to become a permanent stakeholder in the P4RTY ecosystem itself.


P4RTY's DAO Vault only accepts P4RTY tokens (not to be confused with P4 tokens). DAO Ethereum Dividends are proportional to your total share in the DAO. Bonus rewards are distributed to the DAO, the majority of revenue sharing goes to P4 and P5 respectively on the Ethereum network. The DAO is effectively our long term score board for how we are doing as an organization.

The DAO dividend structure of its Ethereum contract is as follows:

  • The DAO rewards your one-time participation with lifetime dividends, NOT MATTER WHAT!
  • Your Ethereum dividends = ETH into DAO * (Your P4RTY stake / total DAO staking)
  • Your vote is final and your stake is nontransferable.
  • The DAO rewards pure dividends from other profit centers in the P4RTY network.

Common DAO scenario:

  1. Mint P4RTY tokens by playing P4RTY games, purchasing P4, or purchasing P5.
  2. Enable staking manually just one time by clicking the switch within the DAO page.
  3. Send your new P4RTY tokens for staking to the DAO Vault.
  4. Permanently stake rewards and increase your share in the ecosystem over time!

The DAO will serve as a locked vault to permanently reward all whom express their ownership of the P4RTY ecosystem.

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