DICE: Experience Lady Luck Like Never Before



You are betting on the result of a 100 sided dice roll. The result of the dice roll is bounded to 1-100. To win, the dice result needs to be lower than your number. If the dice result is lower than your number you win!

  1. Set your bet size (units of Ether).
  2. Adjust the 'chance of winning' slider to change your percentage chance of winning.
  3. To win, the dice result needs to be lower than your number.
  4. Click 'ROLL'
  5. If the result of the dice roll is lower than your 'Roll under' number, you win immediately!
  6. Your profits are stored in your Balance. You can play using your balance to wager or withdraw at any time.
  7. If you lose, the contract will share profits via P6 and the P4RTY DAO. Having a position in these contracts allows you to earn while you sleep.
Note: In the case of a win a 1% commission is subtracted from the total amount returned to the player. You will incur a small gas charge to place the bet. Etheroll does not receive gas. Gas is used to maintain the Ethereum blockchain.

Provably Fair

P4RTY DICE is provably fair and runs 100% onchain on the Ethereum blockchain. Our dice game hashes blockhashes (random number entropy) from every rollin the game for your roll. The entropy for your roll is miner resistant and calculated based on a block in the future. This is deterministic, but unknown until that future block appears on the blockchain and becomes part of the past. Once this happens,3 blocks in total (around 60 seconds), you will get your results!!! There is not easier way to earn ETH with the help of lady luck and the blockchain

Winning on the Backend

DICE is P4RTY's first onchain business. With it we are revolutionizing global financial inclusion by distributing the profits to token holders within the P4RTY ecosystem. Our two primary vehicles for this equitable exchange are through the P4RTY token itself which can be staked in the DAO. In addition, profits are sent directly to P6, the system that funds the bankroll for the casino through a modest 2% contribution. Over 8% of wagers are paid back to the community in realtime.

Key Points

  1. The house edge is 1%
  2. Our system is provably fair. The contract code is freely available and the seed for every bet is recorded and audited with the outcome on the blockchain
  3. Buy purchasing and holding P6/P4RTY tokens you can profit from the the P4RTY Casino which includes DICE; these profits are distributed in realtime
  4. You always check the results of your last roll by looking at the "Last Session" panel in the DICE UI.
  5. If the "Block Delta" is over 5 and your session is not "Complete" you can manually "Get Results" by clicking the button in the "Results" panel.


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