What is the P4RTY Network?

P4RTY is an entertainment network that provides skill based games and various infotainment products powered by community participation and the Ethereum blockchain. Our ultimate goal is to create network effects to drive the overall usability and user experience for blockchain based dApps. We think gaming and entertainment in general is the best way to push the state of the art and provide value for our players on Ethereum.

Getting Started

P4RTY is a fully decentralized organization and system of smart contracts. To get started you will need to have Ethereum and access to your own private keys an wallet. An exchange wallet/address such as on Coinbase or Binance is not sufficient. For beginnners we believe Chrome and Metamask provides the best experience in regards to UX, control, security, and safety. TrustWallet is a great option for mobile, though P4RTY works and is tested on a broad range of Ethereum enabled browsers.

Installation of Meta Mask
Set Up MetaMask

Using Chrome or Firefox, install .

Follow the following steps using this installation video.

  1. Create your metamask account password and then store your 12 seed words.
  2. Fund MetaMask with Coinbase account
  3. Click 'BUY' button
  4. Make sure 'Coinbase' is selected and click 'Continue to Coinbase'
  5. Enter USD amount of ETH you would like to purchase and have sent to your MetaMask.
  6. Enter your email address you use with coinbase and click 'Continue'
  7. Enter your Password and click 'Continue'
  8. Enter authorization code, if applicable
  9. Select Payment Method
  10. Click the Green 'Buy' button to finalize your purchase. Your ETH will be transferred automagically to your MetaMask.
  11. or

    Fund with another account
  12. Open MetaMask, click the '...' icon, and select 'Copy address to clipboard' .
  13. Go to where you currently have ETH (Binance, Gemini, etc.) and find the 'Send' or 'Transfer' feature for your wallet.
  14. Transfer Ethereum to MetaMmask address.
Installation of Trust Wallet
Set Up Trust Wallet
  1. Using your mobile, download and install

Follow the following steps using this installation/setup video.

Fund with another account
  1. Open Trust Wallet, click the wallet icon, click 'Receive', and select 'Copy wallet address'.
  2. Go to where you currently have ETH (Binance, Gemini, etc.) and find the 'Send' or 'Transfer' feature for your wallet.
  3. Transfer Ethereum to Trust Wallet address.
Getting Started

By far the most fun and easiest way to get involved in P4RTY is to just to play our games and use our services. Games like P6 and DICE provide a clean experience that allows you to win crypto while also staking P4RTY game tokens for long term rewards.

This application has been made for entertainment purposes and should be considered as such. No guarantees are given. P4RTY is an entertainment platform, not an investment platform. | © 2018. P4RTY.IO All Rights Reserved. | Privacy | Terms