P4: P4RTY's Store of Value

The P4 Token is the signature core asset of the entire P4RTY ecosystem. It is a bonded to Ethereum itself and provides a core staking mechanism that is also a store of value. It is where the P4RTY truly gets started for everyone to enjoy worldwide!


P4 is very easy to understand as its price is bound to the spot price of Ethereum at all times, regardless of when you decide to transact them! This makes it just as stable of an investment as Ethereum itself, no need to worry about dumps EVER again! The best part is that as current P4RTY-goers transact using P4, all other P4 holdings will be paid out in dividends just for passively owning them! Finally, as a special bonus, for every 1 ETH spent of P4, 1,000 P4RTY tokens are minted with 50% of each distribution forwarded to HQ and the other 50% redirected straight back to YOU!

The P4 dividend structure of its Ethereum contract is as follows:

  • P4 rewards your long term participation with an ETH backed store of value that generates direct dividends from active gameplay and other profit sources in the P4RTY Network
  • 15% (fifteen percent) as the admission to enter your P4RTY.
  • 5% (five percent) outgoing

Common P4RTY scenario:

  1. Purchase 1 (one) Ethereum worth of P4 tokens
  2. 15% of your purchase is distributed to the rest of your P4RTY as the admission to enter.
  3. Hold P4 while P4RTYing for only a short amount of time to restore the cost of admission.
  4. When the price of Ethereum increases, now our P4 is worth more even if we stop P4RTYing!
  5. When the price of Ethereum decreases, we can simply keep on P4RTYing for more divs!

P4 is utilized as the primary source of liquid, passive rewards throughout the P4RTY ecosystem.

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