P5: The Universal Giving Token

The P5 Token is the absolute pinnacle of dividend-bearing games. It is widely known as "The Golden Platypus". Give one to a friend or family member and they will cherish it for the rest of their life.


P5, like P4, is also fixed to the spot price of Ethereum thus maintaining its stability. As current P4RTY-goers transact using P5, all other P5 holdings will be paid out in massive dividends just for passively owning them! P5 "Golden Platypus" tokens can only be purchased, held, or transferred. Once acquired, they remain within the P4RTY ecosystem, indefinitely. Finally, as a special bonus, for every 1 ETH spent of P5, 1,000 P4RTY tokens are minted with 50% of each distribution forwarded to HQ and the other 50% redirected straight back to YOU!

The P5 dividend structure of its Ethereum contract is as follows:

  • P5 rewards your long term participation with direct dividends from active gameplay and other profit sources in the P4RTY Network
  • You buy P5 and have the option to keep it for life.
  • 99% (ninety-nine percent) massive, dividend-collection rate from all P5 transactions forever

Common P5 scenario:

  1. Purchase 1 (one) Ethereum worth of P5 tokens.
  2. 99% of your purchase is distributed to the rest of your P4RTY as golden dividends.
  3. Hold P5 while P4RTYing for only a very short amount of time to quickly restore the cost of admission.
  4. Reinvest P5-Ethereum dividends back into additional P5.
  5. Withdraw P5-Ethereum dividends to play more P4RTY games!
  6. Loans are prehistoric. For every 1 ETH deposited in P5 99% of it goes to the people who need it. The beneficactors that don't need the ETH reinvest in P5 and the community.
  7. P5 can revolutionize charitable giving. P5 delivers ETH equitably and cannot be sold, destroyed, or abused on the blockchain. Long term resources go to addresses you deem worthy, FOREVER.

P5 is utilized as the ultimate incentive to massive rewards throughout the P4RTY ecosystem. They can be transferred to friends and family as a constant source of Ethereum for the rest of time!

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