P6: Onchain Global Financial Inclusion

The P6 Token is the absolute pinnacle of dividend-bearing games. It is designed specifically to support the community leveraging several mechanisms. Give one to a friend or family member and they will cherish it for the rest of their life.


P6 is bonded to Ethereum, a stable and hard blockchain asset. As current P4RTY-goers transact using P6, all other P6 holdings will be paid out in dividends just for passively holding the P6 token! P6 tokens can be purchased, held, transferred, or sold. Finally, as a special bonus, for every 1 ETH spent of P6, 1,000 P4RTY tokens are minted with 50% of each distribution forwarded to HQ and the other 50% redirected straight back to YOU!

The P6 dividend structure is as follows:

  • P6 rewards your long term participation with direct dividends from active gameplay and other profit sources in the P4RTY Network
  • You buy P6 and have the option to keep it for life.
  • An 10% community dividend fee is charged on buys and sells; distributed to the community
  • An 1% fee is charged on transferred
  • 2% (included in the 10%) is paid to a bankroll which funds the P4RTY onchain businesses
  • Profits from casino games like Dice are paid out in realtime back to P6 and the DAO

P6 is utilized as the ultimate incentive for massive rewards throughout the P4RTY ecosystem.

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